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Futsal FAQ's

Q: What time do 1st/2nd graders play and what days?
A: 1st/2nd graders will play during a 55 minute time slot randomly between 9am and 5pm each scheduled Saturday.

Q: What time do 3rd/4th graders play and what days?
A: 3rd/4th graders will play during a 55 minute time slot randomly between 9am and 1pm each scheduled Saturday.

Q: What time do 5th/6th graders play and what days?
A: 5th/6th graders will play during a 55 minute time slot randomly between 1pm and 5 pm each scheduled Saturday.

Q: What time do 7th/8th graders play and what days?
A: 7th/8th graders will play from about 5:15pm - 7:15 pm  (Final time TBD) each Saturday.

Q: My son/daughter want to play with 5 other neighbor kids so we can carpool together. Can they all be on the same team?
A: We only guarantee single reciprocal teammate requests. For example: John Smith has to enter teammate request Michael Park during registration. Michael Park has to enter teammate request John Smith during registration.  

Q: Will there be practices?

A: The Mt. Hebron sub-gym is reserved for practice 1 hour prior to your assigned game for 3rd/4th/5th/6th grade ONLY. There are no other times for practice. Please refer to your coach for any other questions related to practice.

Q: My child did not get on the team that their other friends are on. Can they switch teams now?

A: We do our best to assign children based on reciprocal friend requests. We also try to balance teams with players based on grade, girl/boy, and whether they play travel.  We do what we can to accommodate requests before teams are assigned, but at this point, unfortunately we cannot make further changes.

Q: What other equipment does my child need to play?

A: You will need to provide shin guards and children must wear sneakers. (no cleats.) The uniform includes jersey, shorts, and socks.
For 7th/8th graders, shorts are not included.

Q: My son or daughter are in the 7th/8th grade division. Why are they not assigned to one specific team?

A: Children in this division are not assigned to a single specific team. Depending on how many players show up on a Saturday, they are split into teams just for that day.  Reversible uniforms are given to each child and they can change them depending on what jersey their opponent is wearing. The teams for any given day maybe changed mid-session if it's significantly unbalanced.  Players can request to be grouped with a "team mate" on their registration.  This will ensure that they play at the same time, but not necessarily on the same team.  This age group plays what can be considered a "pick up", fun style of fluid team formation each week.  This ensures fun competition throughout the season.

Q: My sons/daughter's team got destroyed last week 12-0. Can I run up to the opposing coach and curse him out at the end of the game?
A: Please do not do this as frustrated as you may be. Coaches are all informed of rules regarding the running up of scores before the season starts (see Futsal Rules regarding 5-goal advantage under Futsal tab on website.) Express your concerns with your coach only and they can contact the commissioner. 

Q: I have a concern I need immediately addressed during the game. What do I do?
A: We have someone supervising each gym all day on Saturday.  They will typically be in the hallway outside gym. Please express your concern to them and they will engage the commissioner or coordinator directly.

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