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Montclair United Soccer Club

Travel Program Overview

Montclair United Soccer Club operates two models for our Travel program. For the 2021/2022 seasons, the U13 and U14 age groups field traditional “A” and “B” teams, all trained and coached by professional trainers and playing in leagues and certain tournaments. Teams rosters are set yearly at the end of the spring season, with mid-season movement between teams taking place in limited circumstances and with the approval of the Director of Coaching. 

Academy Model


The U8 through U12 age groups use an Academy model. The Academy philosophy is to provide high-level, structured training to children who demonstrate a passion for the game and a commitment to further developing skills through concentrated training. The Academy program emphasizes individual, skills-based training and small-sided games, designed to provide an inspiring, fun environment that fosters confidence, creativity and composure. 

Through the small-sided games, all the children of an Academy have opportunities to play together regularly. Team rosters for Academy teams are more fluid than the traditional model, and some roster movement may occur between the fall and spring seasons and for non-league tournaments.

Time Commitment


The U9 through U14 age groups normally play two 10-game seasons, fall and spring. During the fall and spring seasons, practices and games require 4.5 to 6 hours per week (excluding travel time). This is typically broken down to two 90-minute practices, one 90-minute session of small-sided games, and a weekly league game. Tournaments may require more time for certain weeks. The time commitment for the younger age groups (U8 and U9) ranges from 3 to 4.5 hours per week, with the higher end of the range related to the commencement of league play for the U9 age groups.

Winter Training


During the winter, U9 - U14 age groups have a minimum of one training session per week. Because of space limitations, it is likely that the time and day of this practice will be different from the time and day of fall and spring practices.  Also, because of the intense competition for winter space from the large number of soccer clubs in the area, a significant portion of winter training sessions will commence at 4:00 pm during the week.

The U8 age groups will offer optional winter training.

League Play


U9 - U14 teams playing in the Northern Counties league typically have boys playing on Saturdays in the fall and girls playing on Sundays. In the spring, both boys and girls typically play on Sundays. In most of the other leagues, both boys' and girls' U11-U14 teams play on Sundays. Weather and field availability can play a factor in game scheduling, so make-up games may be scheduled during the week or on a Saturday. Depending on the skill level and age of the team, considerable travel time to and from games may be required on the weekend.



Each spring, players are invited to participate in our tryout process to assess skills and form new Academy teams for the following year. Placement of players on teams is determined by tryouts, player development, skills of new players joining the program, current year assessment where applicable, and being able to form teams of players with comparable skills. Participation in tryouts, or being on a travel team this year does not guarantee placement on a team next year.  Please see the Travel Tryouts tab for further information regarding tryouts.



The annual cost for participating in Montclair United's travel program varies by age, team's league registration, and team's program


Other factors such as the number of tournaments in which a player participates, extra training and travel costs may increase this amount. Uniforms are an additional cost and will be Approx. $95.

Prior to placement on a team, the anticipated costs and time commitment will be communicated to prospective players.  We encourage parents of prospective players to inquire about the costs and time commitment required for a particular team or academy.

Montclair United provides financial assistance on a need-only basis.  Please see the Travel Soccerships tab for further information.

As a non-profit club, Montclair United develops its team and academy budgets based on each team or academy's roster size and assuming revenues equals costs.  

As a result, no refunds will be granted and any surplus at the end of each fiscal year will be applied to the Club's Project Fund.