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Montclair United Soccer Club

Media Policy

Montclair United Soccer Club (MUSC) respects, values and protects the right to privacy of its players, parents of those players, coaches, administrators and referees. As such, MUSC will never publicize any individual through the media, on its website or in other media without the express approval of that person and/or his or her parents.

For instance, any team pictures submitted to local newspapers, other publications and/or websites containing team information should be run through the MUSC Board of Directors first. Once approved, these pictures must not contain the names of the individuals as the caption for the photographs unless specific permission has been granted in writing by parents/guardians of the players in the photographs, with copies submitted to MUSC. Team websites should be password protected for access by team members only.

MUSC - as a legitimate, non-profit organization -- has its own right to determine how it communicates to various publics. Those decisions are made by the officers and/or board of directors only.

All requests for publicity or marketing initiated by the press, internet-based media and/or other organizations should be referred to the MUSC board for consideration. Similarly, any ideas for publicity or marketing from an individual connected with MUSC must also be discussed with the board. Any individual acting on behalf of the club without the consent of the board or officers will risk expulsion from the club.

MUSC welcomes any communication and marketing ideas but request these simple guidelines be followed. Board contacts are Gregg Bangs or Alison Maguire. Written copy may be submitted to [email protected].