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Montclair United Soccer Club

Officers & Directors

 Officers and Directors of the
Montclair United Soccer Club
Dan Rivlin        
[email protected]
Vice President of Finance
Gretchen Knowlton
[email protected]
Vice President of Recreational Program
Paul Burr
[email protected]
Co-Vice President of Travel Beth Pulawski
[email protected]
Co-Vice President of TravelDave Crossen [email protected]
Registrar - Recreational Program
Tracy Gottschalk [email protected]
Treasurer - Recreational Program
Dejan Boskovic [email protected]
Treasurer - Travel Program
Erik Lillquist [email protected]
Community Outreach Luis Carrillo[email protected]
[email protected]
Non-Officer Board Members
Director of Operations
Laura Pliego[email protected]
Public Relations &
Press Contact
Susanne Heubel
[email protected]
Sportsmanship Vacant - please volunteer! [email protected]
 Non-Board Roles
Registrar - Travel Program 
(US Club)
Rich Bentley
[email protected]
Registrar - Travel Program (NJYS) Rich Bentley [email protected]
Field Assignments
Laura Pliego
[email protected] 
Director of Coaching TourĂ© Weaver [email protected]
Fields & Equipment
Melissa Robinson-Brown
[email protected]
Winter League & Futsal
Gretchen Burr
[email protected]
Player Safety Coordinator
Vacant - please volunteer!
[email protected]
TOPSoccer Coordinator
Mitch Heisler [email protected]
Procurement Gretchen Knowlton [email protected]
Fundraising Vacant - please volunteer!
[email protected]
Social Media Amya Zhanelle
[email protected]