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Basic Information

MUSC Rules of Futsal

Adapted from the official Laws of Futsal
and MUSC Town League rules

Game Time

-Games in the 1st/2nd- through 7th and 8th grade divisions are 55 minutes, with 5-minute halftimes and 5 minutes between games.

-All games end at the assigned time regardless of delays or stoppages.

The Court

-Courts are used as lined. Out of bounds on the basketball court is out for Futsal.

-A ball is out in futsal when the entire ball crosses the entire line. A ball is out in the air if it entirely crosses the plane of the outside of the line.

-A ball going out along the side or touch line results in a kick-in. The ball is placed on the line, the other team gives five feet, and the kick is taken within 4 seconds. The kick is indirect; a goal may not be scored directly without being touched by another player. The kicker may not touch the ball a second time until another player touches it.

-A ball going out over the end line results in a goal, goal clearance, or corner kick.  The defending team must stand behind the halfway line during goal clearance.

-A corner kick is taken from the corner where the lines meet, and is direct.

-Goal clearances are taken from inside the penalty area. The goalkeeper picks the ball up and throws or rolls it out of the area. No punts or drop-kicks, and it is not a goal kick. If the goalkeeper sets the ball down it is in play. 
-On goal clearances the ball may not cross the midcourt line in the air. It must touch another player or the floor first. Otherwise an indirect kick for the other team is given from the midcourt line.  The defending team must stand behind the halfway line during goal clearance.

-A ball picked up by the goalkeeper should be released within 4 seconds.

-The penalty area is indicated by the court’s existing lines, dashes or spots, as shown by referees.

-Penalty kicks are given in all divisions except 1st/2nd. They are taken from the center of the basketball free-throw line, and all players except the keeper stand behind this line until the kick is made. The keeper stands on the goal line. Once the kick is made the ball is in play.

-Backboards, ceilings, trusses, and other obstacles are not in play. A ball touching any of these results in an indirect kick against the last team to touch the ball.


-Players must wear shinguards and appropriate footwear (sneakers). Uniforms are provided. 

-No jewelry, watches, or hair accessories except soft ponytail bands. Earrings must be removed.

-Futsal uses a low-bounce ball that is one size smaller than the outdoor ball for each age group.

Players & Substitutions

-The 1st/2nd Grade division will play a maximum of 4v4 on a smaller court, with smaller goals, and without goalkeepers. The 3rd/4th and 5th/6th divisions will play  5 v 5 including goalkeepers.  7th/8th will play a maximum of 5 v 5, including goalkeepers.

-If a stronger team seeks to give an advantage to a weaker team to achieve more competitive play, they may allow the opponent to field an extra player. If game momentum changes, the extra player can be withdrawn, or sides otherwise made even.

-If teams are short-handed, subs can be recruited from other teams, as long as the subs are from the same or a lower division and are registered for Futsal. No unregistered players may play, and no player may play down a division.

-Substitutions are on the fly; no need to ask permission of the ref. Players go on and off from the team’s bench. Exiting players should come off before new ones go on.

-Coaches and players should stay on their side of the midcourt line. No crossing behind the other team's bench, and no coaching from the end lines.

-Coaches are to give equal playing time for all players and share goalkeeping duties fairly.

Free Kicks & Restarts

-The kickoff at the start of each half is indirect: a goal may not be scored unless the ball first touches another player.

-All free kicks are indirect except those given for intentional trips, pushes, deliberate fouls or dangerous play.

-There is no sliding, slide-tackling, or playing from the floor.

-There is no offside in Futsal.

-Goalkeepers may not handle a ball intentionally passed back by a teammate; they must play it with their feet or bodies. Infraction results in an indirect kick from the spot of the foul.


-In most cases, one licensed referee will be assigned to each game. They will move along opposite touch lines with at least one near the play at all times. They have equal authority and their decisions are final.

-Intimidation, yelling at, or questioning the referees will not be tolerated. Coaches are to enforce, respect, and support calls made by the refs. Any questions or complaints can be directed to Futsal Coordinator Gretchen Burr

-Any disturbance or safety concern at the facilities should be reported to Gretchen Burr at 973-277-4411 or [email protected] , Garland Thornton of Montclair Recreation and Cultural Affairs at 973-509-4913 or [email protected], or the appropriate authorities.


-Check email or call 973-783-MUSC to check for delays or cancellations. Messages will also be posted on the Home page of the MUSC website. Cancelled games cannot be re-scheduled.

Sportsmanship & Safety

-Futsal adheres to MUSC policy and legal requirements regarding concussion safety. Please read the policy on the website. Coaches and referees are required to remove from the game any player suspected of suffering a concussion. The player may not return until cleared. If symptoms are present, a physician's clearance is required.

-There is no running up scores. This is a recreational league and should be fun for players on both teams. We attempt to balance the teams, but imbalances do occur. Teams with a 5-goal advantage should stop scoring until the advantage goes away, or pull out a player, or allow the opponent to field an extra player. Coaches are responsible for sportsmanship. If players ignore the no-score rule they should be moved to a defensive role or substituted off.  A final score with a goal differential higher than 5 will result in an official forfeit for the dominant team.

-Futsal is intended to be low-contact.

-Respect the facilities and school grounds. No practicing or running in the hallways.

-No food in the gyms. Only water or sports drinks for the players.