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Montclair United Soccer Club

Pardeep Guru a.k.a 'Coach Guru'

Coaching Philosophy:  

My teachings are very much geared towards developmental learning and self learning. Learning through guidance and questions, from both coaches and players.  My Philosophy has two instructions pass & move it is as simple and as complicated as that. I make commitment to learning, developing and demonstrating why soccer is a beautiful sport. It is constantly evolving the different styles and tactics used. Which is why philosophies are constantly adapting with the game.  I ask for 2 important traits from my players, effort and focus. The more we practice and play the better it will be for our players. 

"It’s to about having a philosophy. It’s about adaption to the opposition” - Jurgen Klopp

Coaching Experience:

2010-2012 - Coaching High School St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School (UK)

2012-2014 - University of Cumbria Head Coach (UK)

2013 - Assistant Coach SUNY Cortland 

2014-2018 - Head Coach Glen Ridge Soccer

2015-2018 - Director of Coaching Glen Ridge Soccer 

2019-Preset - Head Coach Montclair 

2020-Preset - Director of Coaching Total Soccer Development (TSD)