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How To Apply for a Soccership for Your Travel Player



Montclair United offers financial assistance to Montclair residents, on a need basis. Granting of Soccerships is determined at the sole discretion of the Soccership Committee, which consists of certain members of the Montclair United Board of Directors. Decisions will be made individually for each application received. 

Because soccerships are not an accounting offset, they represent a real cost to the Club, so we ask that families carefully consider their actual need before applying for aid.

The maximum amount of a possible award for a Soccership (approved by the MUSC Board) is limited to 50% of the team’s base budget per player fee, not to exceed $900. The amount awarded is determined at the discretion of the Soccership Committee. The amount of money available to individuals this year will depend on the total amount of soccership funds available and the demand for those funds. 

Should a player’s family have a financial hardship they should submit a Travel Soccership Application.

All requests and awards will be kept strictly confidential by Montclair United.

Soccerships must be re-applied for every soccer season; the award of a soccership in previous years will not serve as an indication of whether a family will receive one in subsequent years.

If your family qualifies for FREE lunch with the Montclair Board of Education, additional soccership funds may be available. An extremely limited amount of soccerships will be available this year that could cover greater than 50% of a player's base fees if your family qualifies. To qualify for one of these special limited socccerships, your family must be eligible to receive free lunch with the Montclair Board of Education. To apply for one of these limited soccerships, please indicate your desire to be considered for this special soccership in the last question of this application, indicate the amount that you can afford to pay this year, and email a copy of your Free Lunch Status Award letter to [email protected] Please be sure to place your child's name in the subject line. We will not review your request for this special limited soccership until a copy of your award status as qualifying for Free lunch with the Montclair Board of Education is received. This document is not necessary for our traditional soccership requests.

Thank you,

The Soccership Committee

Montclair United Soccer Club



Click here to fill out the Highschool U5/U16 Spring soccer soccership application online

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