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Winter Supplemental Training Overview

Winter training registration is open!


Course Descriptions

A series of 6 & 8 week skills classes are being offered by MUSC for the months of January thru March. All classes will be taught by members of our very experienced and professional MUSC training staff. This is a great way to increase touches on the ball throughout the cold days of winter, in a fun, convenient, affordable way. Each class has limited space, so don't wait till the last minute. Classes will fill up, as did all of our 3 week mini courses.

Location: Buzz Aldrin Middle School Gyms
Bellevue Ave, Montclair

Day/Time: Classes are being offered on Mon/Thurs/Fri. Monday classes are 6 week offerings, and Thurs/Fri classes are 8 week offerings.

Thursday classes begin Jan 10th, Friday will begin Jan 11th, and Mondays will begin Jan 7th. All classes have two extended weeks to allow for potential make ups due to school closures.

Class Make up:All Classes are Coed by age range. 60 minute classes for the younger ages and 75 min for the older age groups.

Cost: $115 - $190.

6 week/60 min classes are $115 ranging up to $190 for 8 week/75 min classes. Price is figured on number of weeks, length of class, and the clubs estimated break even point. We are not for profit, so we only calculate the price to cover cost of space and trainer.

Space is limited so register now!!

To register log into your account at



Small Gym (Steve)

4:15 to 5:15 PM - Brazilian Foot Skills (U7 - 2012 & U8 2011)

5:15 PM to 615 PM - Brazilian Foot Skills (U9 2010 & U10- 2009)

6:15 to 7:30 PM - Brazilian Foot Skills FULL (U11- 2008 & U12 - 2007)

7:30 to 8:45 PM - Brazilian Foot Skills (U13 - 2006 & U14 - 2005 & U15-2004)


Large Gym (Ross)

4:15 to 5:15 PM - Possession games- Passing and Receiving (U9-2010 & U10- 2009)

5:15 PM to 615 PM - Possession games- Passing and Receiving (U8 - 2011 & U7 2012)

6:15 to 7:30 PM - Possession games- Passing and Receiving (U13 - 2006 & U14 - 2005 & U15-2004)

7:30 to 8:45 PM - Possession games- Passing and Receiving (U11- 2008 & U12 - 2007)




Small Gym (Trainer TBD)

4:15 to 5:15 PM - Non-Dominant foot/Ball Manipulation (U8 - 2011 & U7 - 2012) Moved to Fridays. See below.

5:15 PM to 615 PM - Non-Dominant foot/Ball Manipulation (U9 - 2010 & U10 - 2009) Now changed to 7-8 PM at Buzz/Watchung(TBD)

6:15 to 7:30 PM - Non-Dominant foot/Ball Manipulation (U11 - 2008 & U12 - 2007) Moved to Fridays. See below.

7:30-8:45 PM - Non-Dominant foot/Ball Manipulation Possession games - Passing and Receiving (U13 - 2006 & U14 - 2005 & U15 - 2004) Now changed to 8-9 PM at Buzz/Watchung(TBD)



Small Gym (Trainer TBD)

7-8 PM - Non Dominant Foot/Ball Manipulation (U8 - 2011 & U7 - 2012)

8-9 PM - Non Dominant Foot/Ball Manipulation (U11 - 2008 & U12 - 2007)



Brazilian Foot Skills

1 v 1 Attacking & Ball Mastery Class
Learn the moves and skills to get past your opponent with the MUSC 1v1 Attacking class.

* 1v1 moves and skills to beat defenders
*Brazilian ball mastery techniques
*Intense attacking exercises
*Small sided games to increase touches & attacking opportunities
*This class will focus on ball mastery techniques from Brazil to make every player feel comfortable on the ball. It will also utilize attacking moves and skills to beat defenders combined with small sided games to increase 1v1 opportunities.

Possession Games (Passing and Receiving)

Passing and receiving in soccer seems simple but there are many components which can be the difference in a team being able to maintain possession of the ball and not. Players must have proper movement off the ball in terms of timing of the approach (checking to the ball) and receiving with an open body to the field in order to go forward and attack or to shield and retain possession of the ball. Whether its a wide flank player keeping his/her heels on the touch or a central player checking to the ball with a proper body angle so he/she is open to the field, mobility and movement are the first aspect of receiving. Also, players must learn to use the correct foot to receive into space, and then play with the correct foot to quickly release the ball.

This course will focus on technical activities and then progress into different possession games with different variables changing such as numbers up/down, touch restrictions, spacing, and different objectives to receive a “point.”


Non Dominant foot/Ball Manipulation

This course will focus on improving player’s confidence on the ball. Being able to manipulate the ball makes everything else in the game easier.It will develop players dribbling ability and confidence in going either direction. This helps a player become more balanced and unpredictable to an opponent.A player will also be able to play faster. They don’t have to reach or maneuver to receive a ball with their dominant foot, which will increase their speed of game. Being a 2 footed player opens up the entire field to a player. The course will cover the fundamentals below using both feet.

Please email [email protected] with any questions!





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